Strategic Thinker

A team player, a team leader, and an influencer. Not only a goal-setter but a real goal-achiever who is ready to take the extra mile. Nina Alexander can see the big picture and she spots the smallest details in order to build sustainable strategies and mitigate any risk for the business.

Not Your Average

A perfectionist. Non-traditionalist. A person with an edgy-kind-of-thinking who always strives to suggest something unusual but realistic. Her well-thought-out decisions and well-calculated moves prove to be the ultimate weapon that shoots in the right direction.

Brand Communication Leader

Apart from being fundamental in achieving all goals, Nina knows how to polish the brand identity of the company with the right tools and the right approach. Her role is focused on developing stable online presence of the company and involves executing effective marketing campaigns. She also coordinates all social media activities with the rest of the team.

Down-To-Earth But Aiming-For-The-Sky

As a Marketing Director at BGO Software, Nina is skilled in building brand loyalty on several levels: manager, internal staff, media contacts, and clients. She is also a facilitator of information sharing. Stimulator of collaboration. Leader. Mentor. She adapts to matrixed and evolving business environments, understands marketing trends, initiates practical B2B and B2C marketing programs. Maintains a high level of initiative, independence, and productivity. She builds awareness and creates an image of difference.

Inbound Marketing Certification